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Mines were part of the war arsenals used by the government forces and the rebels. As a result, landmine contamination still plagues many regions of South and North Sudan. Read more»





 Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) has been sliding towards total collapse since 2013. Events in December of that year , which featured an unprecedented surge in violence and chaos, accelerated this downfall, eventually resulting in the resignation of President Djotodia and Prime Minister Tiangaye on 10 January 2014. Even before then, life in CAR was daunting. Read more»









In September 2010 FSD commenced the first cross-border land release project between Tajikistan and Afghanistan initiating Humanitarian Mine Action operations in the less known Darwaz region of the Badahkshan Province in the North East Afghanistan. Read more»






For many years, the Philippines have often been plagued by armed conflicts between rebel groups and governmental forces, resulting in the use, albeit limited, of landmines. Read more»






Since demining operations started in 2003, a total of nearly 2 millions square meters were cleared and surveyed. Read more»




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Since the April 2014, Ukraine has experienced violent armed conflict in which more than 7,880 people have been killed, over 17,600 injured, and over 1.4 million people have been internally displaced.Read more»







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