FSD Tajikistan - 100,000 pieces of ammunition destroyed, a landmark achievement for the FSD WAD project

FSD’s programme in Tajikistan pleased to announce the success and achievements of their Weapons and Ammunition Disposal (WAD) project in the destruction of 100,000 pieces of stray ammunitions since the beginning of the project in April 2009.
Stray ammunitions include bombs, shells, grenades, conventional ammunition, air-dropped ordnance, missiles and mines or similar explosive objects.

Such insecure ordnance is potentially:
a threat to population
ready source of material for misuse (i.e. terrorists)
ammunition to be used by illegal armed group

The aim of the WAD project is to dispose of or re-locate to secure sites, conventional munitions and light weapons, in order to reduce the flow of explosive objects from Tajikistan to other politically and economically unstable neighboring countries. The possibility of such threat has become more obvious after Tajikistan gained independence in 1991 and immediately plunged into a civil war until 1997. The general chaos and lack of logistical resources as well as rapidly dissolving man power ensured that the emerging post-Soviet republics all inherited a sizeable armoury, now rusting, rotting and spilling out into a poor security environment.

The FSD Tajikistan Programme Manager Richard Schmidt says“We are proud to mark such an achievement for this project which provides an added layer of security to the people of Tajikistan and its neighbors. We owe this success to the continued efforts of our WAD teams, good cooperation with various ministries of the Tajikistan Government and the generous support of our donors.”

FSD WAD teams support the Government of Tajikistan to conduct bulk disposal of old and unserviceable ammunitions. This work is recognized and supported by the Government of Tajikistan. With financial support fromthe United States Department of State, Bureau of Political – Military Affairs Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA) and the Peace Building and Stabilization Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal NetherlandsGovernment, FSD has achieved significant results in destruction of ammunition stockpiles, including the destruction of surplus conventional ammunition, air-dropped ordnance, missiles, Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) and landmines from Tajik government munitions stores in various locations around the country, including the Tajik-Afghan border.

The teams provide technical assistance to different ammunition technical units at variousgovernment securitydepartmentscovering ammunition and Small Arms /Light Weapons stockpile management.

“FSD will continue to support the Government of Tajikistan to ensure unserviceable, old, and confiscated ammunitions come under control and possession for destruction”- says the WAD Project Manager Dr. Din Mohammad.

FSD would like to express gratitude to thedonors supporting our WAD project. The WAD project will continue for the sake of saving lives, enhancing the nation host capacity and strengthening the regional security situation in Tajikistan.




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