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Help us to gain more ground!

Every donation is precious because it allows our teams of mine-clearing experts to make a little more progress each day by ridding soils of landmines, bombs, and other explosive ordnance threatening the populations of a number of countries.  Private contributions also allow us to launch new projects in various parts of the world.  We guarantee that over 90% of your donations will be used openly and directly to assist our field operations.

1. Bank transfer

CREDIT SUISSE, Rue de Lausanne 17-19, CH-1211 Geneva 70, Switzerland

in Swiss francs (CHF):
IBAN no. CH70 0483 5081 8341 7100 0

in US dollars (USD):
IBAN no. CH09 0483 5081 8341 7200 1

in Euros (EUR):
IBAN no. CH36 0483 5081 8341 7200 0

2. Postal money order (In Switzerland only)

Please fill out the contact form, and we will send you a money order slip to make a payment.

3. Cheque

Make out your cheque to "FSD" and send it to the Fondation Suisse de Déminage (FSD), 7bis, Avenue de la Paix - Floor 2, CH-1202 Geneva/Switzerland.

4. Legacy/bequest

Any legacy or bequest from you, regardless of the amount, will help our organisation to continue its activities on behalf of populations threatened by the presence of landmines.  To set up such a donation, you must specify the complete name and address of our organisation in your will.

You may name FSD as a:

- Legatee: if you wish to name FSD as a legatee, you should clearly specify the type of legacy (paper securities, cash amounts, etc.) to be allocated to FSD;
- Heir of the disposable share of the estate: FSD will receive the remainder of your estate after the shares owed to statutory or instituted heirs have been distributed;
- Universal heir, if you have no statutory heirs.

Would you like to learn more about leaving legacies and bequests to FSD?
legacy.jpgPlease download our brochure (PDF) (in French only) and/or contact us!

Contact :
Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD)
7bis, Avenue de la Paix - Floor 2
CH-1202 Geneva
Tel.: +41 22 907 36 05


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